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Free Techno Kick Sample Pack

Here’s a free techno kick sample pack we made in the studio. Inspired by the like of Dax J, Kobosil, 999999999, etc. Tough saturated kicks. They include individual samples and loops. Also included in this article are links to our other free sample packs, and some from other producers we respect, plus there’s presets and racks to make your own techno kicks.

We made five loops at 135bpm, four bars in length each. Plus we’ve include the one-shot kick samples so you can do what you want with them. Also, we’re giving away the Ableton Rack we made when making this pack, which you can use it for processing your own kicks.

Here’s one of the kicks from the pack….

Techno Kick Samples……..

Included in the pack are 2×909 samples, and 808, a modular kick drum. All processed and filter driven for distorted, punchy, tough kicks.

Download The Pack Here…

You can download the sample pack (and the Ableton rack with it) by subscribing to the email list here, you’ll get an email with the download link:


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More Techno Kick Samples:

We also have the following techno kick packs which are also free (most are all available in the email you get above when you subscribe, some are for 3rd party sites which you can get for free on their site):

Studio Brootle 909 Sample Pack –  an overdriven Roland 909 drum kit with some added rumble subs – made from processing kick reverbs.

Studio Brootle 707 Sample Pack – I made a sample pack of saturated Roland tr707 drums and rumble subs for

Studio Brootle 606 Sample Pack – a beefed up, techno tr606 sample pack with rumble samples for techno tracks.

Studio Brootle 808 Sample Pack – 808 drum samples, I’ve processed it here with various saturations and overdrives for more mid range and high end, and added eq-sculpted distorted reverb rumbles from the kicks and low toms for modern techno basses.

Studio Brootle 808 Processed Kicks and Subs –  Just 808 kick with rumbles, processed for techno. With kick and sub bass rumble samples for each kick. There’s also kick and rumble loops already processed.

Techno Rumble Kicks Pack 1 –  10 processed kick drums, and a reverb rumble for each sample, plus a loop with the both the kick and rumble for each of the 10 drums.

Brootle LinnDrum –  I’ve processed the kick drum to have a bit more bottom end, and made separate reverb rumble subs for both the kick and the low tom so you’ve got in-tune sub basses too.

Even More Techno Kick Samples (from other sites):

Here’s a few great sample packs from other producers we love… I would recommend getting the Legowelt Drum Wizardry Sample Pack, The Goldbaby Free 808 and 606 packs, and the mega Reverb sample pack.

We also made a separate post on the Best Free Drum Machine Samples, which has links to loads more drum samples which use in my studio.

Some Ableton Racks To Make Your Own Techno Kicks:

Techno Rumble Kick Ableton Rack mk2 – my main rumble kick processing rack which combines both Delay and reverb all in one chain so you can have either, or mix them.

909 Rumble Rack For Ableton – one of the racks I used when making the 909 sample pack.

Techno Kick Ableton Rack – a kick generator using all Ableton devices, and then it’s processed with distortion and reverb, customizable with macro controls.

How To Make A Techno Kick….

Here’s how we processed the first kick in the original pack in case you want to make your own….

  • select a good kick to start with like a 909
  • pitch it down a semitone or 2
  • drive it at the filter
  • then add more drive, crunch and bass boost with a Drum Buss unit
  • EQ it to shape it at this stage
  • then saturate and overdrive it again all to add different subtle distortion characteristics to the kick drum.
  • then we add a Drum Buss unit to add drive, crunch, and boost aswell as Transients to make the kick punchy
  • then we EQ it again.

You can get these settings from our Rack that is include in this pack (the download link is above).

See also our guide to make kicks in Punchbox, as well as our other techno kick rack.

free techno kick sample pack
free techno kick sample pack

Techno Kick Ableton Rack…

We’ve included the Ableton Rack we used for processing most of these in the Sample Pack above (that you get when you subscribe), so you can tweak and process it, or add your own samples and process them in the same way.

The rack’s macros control:

  • Pitch – for pitching down a kick, which can sound really good for techno
  • Filter Drive – drive added on the Simpler filter to mimic overdriving an analogue filter.
  • Boom Amt – In the rack there are 2 Drum Bus Units – the Boom knob is a great way to add Sub Bass to the kick. This unit is before the Saturation and OverDrive units so any bass boom added will be distorted again after.
  • Over Drive – the wet dry of the Overdrive unit.
  • Boom Amt – add more sub-bass weight to the kit.
  • Transient – this emphasises the transient of the kick (the short loud punch of the start of the kick)
  • Dry/Wet – controls the amount of the second Drum Buss unit that adds the transient and the second Boom.
  • Bass Boost – this controls the frequency of the EQ Eight bass boost.

There are plenty of controls not mapped to a macro, this is just a starting point for our kick processing. The first EQ unit can be very effective in shaping the sound before the main distortion unit, also the settings on the Saturator – especially the Drive and distortion type, as well as the Overdrive frequency band will all have a big effect on the sound of the kick.

Hope you found this useful….

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