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Studio Brootle 707 Sample Pack

Here’s a pack of drum sample for both techno and house and all that’s in between…. I made a sample pack of saturated Roland tr707 drums for, with the kicks and toms processed with reverb for ‘rumble sub’ basses. I use this pack a lot in my own productions, the low tom reverb rumble came out really well. This is a follow up to the 909 Sample Pack we released last month.

I love the sound of the tr707. It’s ride cymbals are great in techno, but other than that it is often overlooked as the kick is outshined by the tr909 and tr808 which are dance music staples for a reason. It’s got great hats and clap too. Here I’ve processed the kick and toms with reverb, various distortions and EQ to make rumbles that beef up the low end and make it a much heavier set of samples for modern techno and house.


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Audio preview:

You can hear a preview of a beat I made using the pack, the rumble sub comes in at about 8 seconds in.

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Studio Brootle 707 Sample Pack Artwork