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909 Rumble Rack For Ableton

Here’s an Ableton Rack for making a techno rumble sub bass from a Roland 909 kick drum, which I¡ve used for processing some of my own samples. It processes a kick drum with delay, reverb and various distortions into a pumping sub bass. It’s made as a follow up Ableton Rack to the 909 sample sample pack released last month. I gave this to the great Bedroom Producers Blog to give away for free. It includes and Rumble Kick Ableton Rack, which is one of the racks that I used to make the 909 pack, with macros mapped for tweaking the rumble settings.

The Macro Controls allow you to control Reverb Decay, Filter Drive, OverDrive, and a Bass Boost EQ.

Downloads and Links:

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Studio Brootle - 909 Rumble - Ableton Rack