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Studio Brootle 909 Sample Pack

Welcome to the Studio Brootle 909 Sample Pack. It features an overdriven Roland 909 drum kit with some added rumble subs – the reverbing ‘warehouse’ sub basses made from processing kick reverbs. I wanted to make a kit for myself that is heavy on the low end. There is also a rumble-sub made from processing a low tom (instead of a kick) with reverb and saturation.

I made another 12 loops of kick and rumbles (with individual kick and rumble samples too), which are all included.

I’m a big fan of the raw Roland tr-909 sound, especially overdriving it hot into a mixer. I also like to bounce rumbles and save them with the other drum samples as I like the sound of a cavernous reverbing kick, but setting up and tweaking the reverb/distortion/compressor effects chains each time you make a track takes ages. Bouncing them as samples makes making tracks much quicker in the DAW. I like to load them on the Korg Volca Sample too.

Audio preview:

Here’s what some of it sounds like…. you can hear a few of the kick-and-rumble loops, followed by a beat at the end made from the individual drum hits.

You can download the 909 sample pack here:

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Ableton Rack

Since making this pack I have released one of the Ableton racks I used to process these kicks, you can get it here.

Hope you like it, any feedback is appreciated, they’ll be more samples coming: get in touch here:

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Studio Brootle 909 Sample Pack