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Welcome to our techno kick Ableton rack. There’s a rack to download below with all the important controls mapped to a macro. There’s also just the the Operator preset on it’s own to download as well. It generates a sinewave with a pitch envelope and then is fattened with various saturations and drives, there is also the option to add a low-end reverb boom to it.

Here’s a kick made with the rack:

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Techno Kick Ableton Rack:

Here’s a quick video run down of the rack:

What The Rack Does

I set up the Operator to use 2 oscillators. They both have fixed pitch so the kick drum is the same pitch whatever note you play. The first one is a short and punchy sinewave with a pitch envelope on it.
Osc B is set up to add some body to the kick using frequency modulation with a tight envelope. The phase of the sine wave in Osc B is moved slightly so the wave does not start at 0, this gives a bit of a click and high end tick to the kick.

I filtered the top off end off the kick so the click is not so prominent, but you still get the effect of it.

The first part of the rack

I distorted the kick at the filter section of Operator with filter drive and shaper drive.

I then added a drum buss unit to add some soft drive, and it allows to bring out the transients.

After that I add another rack to add some reverb boom to the kick. This is bit complicated and involves another rack being set up and a macro that is assigned to anther macro(!). The reason the reverb rack has a second rack is so I can have wet/dry control over the whole section of the reverb/filter/EQ.

The second part of the rack

The rack has two Chains in it (pictured below) and one is dry, so I can mix the effect of the boom in to taste. This way I can have some signal that is not affected by any of the last three units. You can see this in the screen shot below: the reverb rack has 2 ‘chains’. The bottom one is dry allowing the kick through with no reverb/filter/eq. The second one has the reverb and processing on it so I can mix it in separately.

I need to use 2 macros to be able to control this from the first set of 8 macros. I map the volume of the wet one to a macro, but that isn’t really helpful on it’s own as I want to control it from the first set of 8 macros that control all the other settings. So I then map the reverb macro again to the first set of macros. Now all controls can be controlled from first 8 knobs.

At the end of all the effects units is a Utility to make the signal mono.

Techno Kick Macro Controls:

Here’s the controls you can use to shape your kick drum…

Env Time: this is the Time setting on Operator which elongates all envelopes together, it makes the kick fuller.

Body: add body to the kick by increasing the amount of frequency modulation from oscillator 2 to oscillator 1. Turning it up gives a bit of a distorted effect to the kick.

Punch: controls the pitch envelope amount for a sharper kick.

Filter Drive: adds drive distortion in Operator.

Shaper Drive: adds shaper distortion in Operator.

Drive: adds drive distortion using Drum Buss.

Transients: use Drum Buss to pick out the transients of the kick to make it more pronounced and clicky.

Reverb Boom: this adds in Reverb, a low pass filter (with Drive distortion) and an EQ boost in the bass frequencies. This works by using a second rack allowing the unaffected signal through as a second chain, s described above.

Download The Techno Kick Ableton Rack Or Operator Preset

You can download just the techno kick operator preset here.

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