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Studio Brootle ABL Pro Patches

Welcome to our preset pack for the AudioRealism Semi Modular – ABL Pro. This is like a Roland MC-202 on steroids with modular patching capabilities added. I’ve used it loads in my own productions, it has a built in step sequencer that I love and the ‘Boost’ and ‘Shape’ controls distort and color the output really nicely, giving this plug in it’s own distinct sound and feel. My most used VST by far for techno sequences.

You can hear the ABL Pro preset pack in action here, I’m just flicking through the sequence presets over a 909 kick:

The pack contains 20 presets: 6 drones and 14 sequences.

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Download The ABL Pro Preset Pack:

You can download the Audiorealism ABL Pro preset pack here.

See the Audiorealism site here.

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Studio Brootle ABL Pro Patches