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Free Ableton Operator Presets: Epic Pads (and rack)

Welcome to my Ableton Operator preset and rack to generate epic and evolving pads. I love designing pads, this one uses parallel modulating filters to generate evolving movement in the chain.

Here’s a preview of the presets over a kick drum…

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A run down of the Ableton Operator presets and rack…

This rack generates huge sounding epic pads, it has a Chord unit so you only have to press one key and it will convert it to a minor chord. Then it has an Ableton Operator unit that generates the sound and adds distortions and filters the chord.

Then there’s a reverb unit to muddy the pads, then after that there is a sub-rack with 3 filters in it, with LFOs moving the filter cut off, to add a lot of movement to the pad. Some of the filters are processed further by resonators or overdrive and delays. The volume of these 3 filters can be controlled from the macros, as well as the dry signal.

Then after the filters there’s more Overdrive and a final Reverb unit.

Ableton Operator Preset Epic Pads (and Rack)


Download the Ableton Operator Epic Pads rack here.

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Free Ableton Operator Presets Epic Pads (and rack)