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VCV Rack Patches

We are massive fans of VCV Rack here at Studio Brootle. It is an amazing piece of software for making music in it’s own right and a virtual Eurorack modular environment. Also importantly the main software it’s self is free!

You can test out modular synthesis sets ups with it, as well as experiment endlessly in it’s almost endless library of modules.

We lose whole days making patches and tweaking sounds on it. A lot of the sketches and ideas make there way into finished patches that we’re sharing here.

Many hardware Eurorack module manufacturers make copies of their modules for VCV Rack, so it can give you very good idea of a real modular environment.

Some modules are paid for some, but a lot are free. Most of our vcv rack patches here contain free modules (or free at the time of making the file), so there is no cost in using them.

This page is our Category page for everything in the VCV Rack Patches category, so you can find them all in one place. All of these come with the .vcv file to download. They are free. And they are all accompanied with explanations, walkthroughs and audio examples.

Feel free to use them for learning and deconstructing patches, or as starting points in your own tracks. If you use them, we’d love to hear what you make. If you re-share the VCV Rack files or if you change the VCV Rack files and re-upload them, please credit us

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