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Dub Techno Presets For Ableton

A dub techno preset pack for Ableton with 63 different Ableton Racks, all made from stock plugins only, no extra VSTs needed…. 

I made this pack for anyone making dub techno or wanting to include professional quality dub techno elements in their tracks, quickly and easily, beginners or experts alike. My inspiration for this pack are artists like Basic Channel, DeepChord and Echospace, and old-skool saturated space-echoed chords!

These are all presets made in Ableton Operator, then saved as Racks with added effects and processing so you have the whole chain for each sound. Each rack has macros set up at the start so whether you are a beginner or expert you can tweak the sounds easily.

The main part of the pack is 22 dubbed out chords and synths with multiple saturation, echo and reverb effects chains. Most of the chords are set up with a midi Chord unit, so you only have to play one note to trigger a chord. 

The pack contains:

22 Synths / Dub Chord Racks
12 Bass Racks
7 Kick Drum Racks
10 Other Percussion Racks
10 Pad / Drone Racks
2 FX racks

What you will need: Ableton 10 and above, with Operator and full suite of effects.