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Detuned 101-Style Techno Sequence In Ableton

Here’s an Ableton rack for getting detuned techno sequences. I started off looking to make Roland 101 arp sounds like early Robert Hood and Sleeparchive, then I added a few features for modern detuned techno. You can tweak it how you like. I also added a second rack with some chord features for more Detroit sounding chord sequences influenced by the music of DJ Bone, as well as really detuned chords like early Surgeon or Oscar Mulero.

Detuned Techno Rack

There’s a video of the racks in action here…

Download the Rack here:

You can download these 2 racks (the detuned chord one AND the 101-style one) by subscribing to the email list here, you’ll get an email with the download link:


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The rack’s macros and what they do:

Osc Detune – Detunes the two oscillators in opposite directions. Turn it up for detuned nastiness!

Unison Detuned – Add unison for more detuned nastiness.

FEG1 Decay – Controls the decay of the filter envelope. At low levels it keeps the sound really short and plucky, or open it up to allow the sound through the filter.

Sub Bass Vol – Adds a sub bass layer under the main sequence, with a separate chain with an Analog with 2 sinewaves and plenty of drive for warmth.

Dly Fdbck – Adds delay feedback, can be used as build or to add tension.

Dly Amnt – Adjusts the wet/dry of the delay.

Rvrb Dcy – Adds decay to the reverb, which can add tension or be used as a build.

Rvrb Amnt – Adjusts the wet/dry of the reverb.

When you set up the midi Its a good idea to keep short 1/16th notes that repeat a lot on the root note, but with a couple an octave higher for a bleepy sound and maybe one or two one note off key for that detuned feel. Add some swing to it too if you like, I didn’t mention this in the video, but you can see I use a groove called Swing16-99 at 7% Amount – try this with different amounts for more swing.

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Detuned 101-Style Techno Sequence In Ableton