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Brootle RZ1 Drum Samples

Welcome to our Casio RZ1 raw house/techno sample pack. This is a sample pack of one of my favorite drum machines of all time. A sample pack for both house and techno producers, with added techno rumble subs too….

The infamous 1980s drum machine made famous by raw and jacking Chicago house tracks like Steve Poindexter – Work That Mutha F**cker. Here there are two drum kits from this machine, desk-driven and with beefed up kicks. As well as added techno-style rumbles (sub basses made from the kick and reverb) for each kick. There’s also more rumbles made from the mid and low toms for each kit. This sample pack contains 30 samples (two full drum kits of 15 samples, both processed differently). One of the kits is pitched down, which I love to do with these lo-fi digital sample based drum machines, as it adds to the digital grit of the original.

Here’s a preview of the pack:


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Casio RZ1 Sample Pack