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Free Ableton Analog Presets – Techno and Dark PWM

Here’s some techno and rave inspired presets for Ableton Analog. Free to download. I’m a fan of the early Joey Beltram detuned rave sounds and dark pulse width modulation rave basses. These presets here are designed as a homage to the early rave era. I’ve also included an Ableton rack for making detuned techno sequences.

Here’s a preview of the presets over a kick drum…

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A run down of the Ableton Analog presets…

There’s 9 Ableton Analog presets, all inspired by early 90s detuned techno like Joey Beltram, with heavy detuned rave sounds and nasty pulse width modulation basses.

There’s also an Ableton Rack… …

The “Studio Brootle Analog Detuned Techno Rack”… Rack controls…

The rack is designed to work well with short 1/16 notes like a step sequence, you can use an arpeggiator if you like. It’s distorted with an overdrive unit and has Echo and Reverb for rhythmic spacial effects. It has two sawtooth oscillators, both with added sub bass oscillators. They are detuned heavily and gated short with the filter envelopes for a plucky 101 style detuned techno patch.

Here’s a run down of the macro controls – the first row of four controls the filter: Frequency, Resonance, Filter Envelope Decay (to make the notes longer and shorter), and filter envelope amount. The bottom row controls the spacial effects: Echo feedback, Echo wet/dry amount, Reverb decay, Reverb Dry/Wet.


Download the Ableton Analog presets here. And the rack here.

Ableton Analog Presets - Techno and Dark PWM

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Free Ableton Analog Presets – Techno and Dark PWM