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Ableton Operator Presets

After our Ableton Operator Tutorial, which had a few patches in it, here’s a follow up with a few more Ableton Operator Presets to download, with a description of each.

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You can download them all here:

Dirty Sub…

Play at C1, or there abouts, This has three sinewave oscillators routed to output, all detuned for a phat siney sub. Then all three are frequency modulated by Operator D for some extra growl. Then added shaper drive and filter drive for some nice distortion.

Early Beltram 101…

Play at C2. This one has four oscillators, no FM – they are all routed straight to the output (you can see this in the routing icon bottom right, the four squares are next to each other in a line). All oscillators are detuned with each other for a thick detuned mono synth sound. Filtered and driven for some nice distortion.

Body Music Bass…

Play at C2. I set the routing to the ‘square block’ which means Oscillators A and C are routed to the output. And then each one of those is FM modulated by it’s own Oscillator (Oscillator D modulates C and Oscillator B modulates A).

This way I set up a detuned sound with A and C, then tweak the FM on them individually to taste on D and B.

This has a short filter envelope for that plucky EBM bass sound, with some filter modulation on Key and Velocity (so higher keys and velocities poke through the filter a bit more for a varied sequence.) Also heavy drive at the filter too.

Tight Env Detuned Bass…

Play it at C1. This Operator preset has oscillators A, B ,and C detuned against each other. Plus Oscillator D with a tight envelope frequency modulating them all. Filter Drive and resonance added in the filter section to further sculpt this bass.

FM Sub Hit…

Play at C1. Oscillator A and B provide the sub bass weight, detuned against each other. Oscillator B is then frequency modulated by Oscillator C, which has a tight envelope and ‘off’ fine tuning so it makes the bass hit plucky. A tight filter envelope and plenty of filter drive.

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